>_< (tashty) wrote in game_trader,

.... wow, i have lots of games....

... this might take a while.. not too sure what im doing but hey

... possibly in alphamabeticalised order (all PC games by the way, never got round to getting anything else) so yeh... hooray

:: Sold-Out/Xplosiv games + stuff like that (u know, the ones that dont come with instructions/exciting stuff) ::

Age of Empires
Codename: Outbreak
Deus Ex
The Elder Scrolls 3 - Morrowind
Empire Earth
Ground Control
Kingpin - Life of Crime
Master of Olympus: Zeus
Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries
Might & Magic 7
Might & Magic 9
Soldier of Fortune
Thief 2: The Metal Age
Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six - Rogue Spear
Flying Heroes
Worms Armageddon
Woems World Party

:: Normal Games without Manuals for one reason or another ::

Delta Force
Delta Force 2
Wizardry 8
Prince of Qin (which according to the voiceover, is pronounced "chin", how crazy is that)

:: Normal Games (with manuals) ::

Beyond Divinity
Deus Ex - Invisible War
Galactic Civilisations
Judge Dredd - Dredd vs Death
The Lord of the Rings: The return of the King
Mace Griffin - Bounty Hunter
New World Order
Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time
Space Colony
Star Trek: Bridge Commander
Star Wars Galaxies - An Empire Divided
True Crime - Streets of LA
UFO Aftermath

..... well... yeah, thats all the good ones

all are in those nice big DVD type cases, apart from Savage, the outer box for that is starting to unglue itself slightly because the smaller box (with the disks) and the booklet are so big

all are CD, apart from Deus Ex - Invisible War, which is DVD

all are in good condition

... need more info, just ask, not sure how much id sell them for... make an offer + ill see

... well, that was exciting xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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