Sidhe who must be obeyed (faerierhona) wrote in game_trader,
Sidhe who must be obeyed

Games for sale/ trade

Over on my sales LJ I have some very cheap games going, and am also open for trades (i have a separate trades post on there, so take a look)

Games include

D&D Character
Virtual Chess 2, still shrink wrapped
Heroes of Might and Magic III:
Shogun Total War Warlords edition - shrink wrapped
Dragon Lore 2 PC game £3
unkown Terror PC game £3
Might and Magic V PC game £3
Imperialism PC game £3
Majesty PC game £3
Lands of Lore 2 PC game £3
Civilization Call to pOwer £3
Disciples Sacred Lands PC game £3
Birthright £3
Redguard £3

All are over at faerie_sales
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