Sidhe who must be obeyed (faerierhona) wrote in game_trader,
Sidhe who must be obeyed

Games wanted

I'd like any of the following, if you can let them go cheaper than amazon/ game etc have them. If marked with a *** then in good condition please, otherwise I don't care about the case or booklet.

PC Games
***Zoo Tycoon 2 and any expansions
CIV II (yeah, I know, ancient but fun!)
Sid Meier's Pirates
American Mcgee's Scrapland
The Bard's Tale (new version)
Temple of Elemental Evil
***Wildlife Park

Also for XBox
***Harry Potter 4
***King Kong (Peter Jackson)
***Battlefield 2

Can pay by most methods - Postal Order, cheque, concealed cash (will send recorded), carrier faerie, but PayPal very much preferred (will always add on fees)
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