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|| Video Game Marketplace for the UK ||

Sell, buy and trade your games here

Trade, sell and buy your video games here(UK only)
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Welcome to game_trader, a new community for people in the UK who wish to trade their video games. You know the deal: many people who own a games console, such as a PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, etc, get fed up after completing a game once, and may wish to sell, or exchange it. That's where we come in. This is going to be like the 'pre-owned section' in one of the gaming shops, just with cutting out the middle profit-making man. But, before you join, read the rules.

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1) This community has closed membership. This is so we don't have any rogue traders rejoining if banned, and we can inspect user infos to make sure you are a genuine trader. Also, you have to join the community to comment, which means you cannot buy from anyone unless you are a member.

2) Please make sure you click the 'join' button, and don't just friend the community, as this will mean the moderators haven't had your application and you will not be able to post.

3) Any sort of scam will not be tolerated here. You are NOT allowed to buy new games, and sell them on here for a profit. You may NOT sell games for more than they are worth. If you genuinely have a new game you don't want, then you may sell it, but anyone trying to make a profit from this community will be banned.

4) All transactions must be carried out if agreed to. If you have agreed to a trade, and then afterwards you cannot go through with it, you may be reported to the mods. If this happens a number of times, and you prove to be unreliable, you may be banned. There must be a genuine reason for not carrying out a transaction. If you have received money, and you do not follow through your side, you will be reported and receive warnings after a reasonable time period to send outstanding games. If you do not, after warnings, and there is no genuine reason, further action will be taken. Do not agree to any sale if you cannot afford to pay for it. You may of course ask the seller questions and decline if it is not what you are after.

5) If you have money and agree to sale, but later find you do not have the money, please inform the buyer ASAP, so they can put the game back up for sale. Do not leave sellers waiting for their money when you have no intention of paying.

6) For any bigger sales, like the sale of a games console, for more than £30, you MUST apply to a moderator first. Email one of the mods (addresses at the bottom), including what you want to sell and details BEFORE YOU POST. If you do not, and you have not been given full posting clearance, then the post will be deleted, and you will receive a warning. We will do this so any bigger sales can be fully monitored, to ensure everyone is protected.

7) No fake/copy games will be allowed here. Anything which breaks the law in any form will bring about serious consequences.

8) Please kept the buyer or seller well informed. If you have sent off the money, please tell them, and likewise when goods are sent off. Proof of postage is REQUIRED and is free from a post office when you send your game.

9) Please make sure you have the right amount of postage, and suitable packaging so the game does not get broken. Otherwise, you may be liable to give the buyer a refund.

10) The swapping of games is a good idea, as long as both members agree.

11) All games and consoles MUST be in working order, unless clearly stated. It is important to state the condition the game is in when you put it up for sale, otherwise you may be reported if a buyer receives something in poor condition when it wasn't mentioned in the post.

12) This is a friendly community, so be nice. For this to work, it is essential to have good communication between members. Any problems with any members should be reported to one of the mods.

13) It may be useful to include some details about the sort of game you are selling, and what it is like. Please, always use a LJ cut tag when selling more than one game, or for more than one photo.

14) The most secure method of payment is Paypal, which many people use. Other methods could include cheques, bank transfers, postal orders. However, it is up to the seller to specify which methods they accept.

Please use this marketplace well. Any questions or concerns, please email the mods.

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